Defenders of Pfizer and other drug companies (and of the “malevolent cholesterol hypotheisis”) counter criticisms by attacking Lipitor’s detractors for sensationalizing the dangers and underestimating the benefits of statin drugs.

But what is the truth? What does the science actually say? How can educated consumers (and doctors) separate truth from fiction? What is the line between legitimate alarmism and hysterical hyperbole?

Lipitor2This blog series will walk you through the fascinating (if disturbing) history of Lipitor and other statins and put the discussion in a broader, hopefully compelling, context.

The story is epic and potentially hard to swallow. The sheer scope of the negligence, carelessness, and general scientific chicanery beggars belief. To tell this story properly and in depth would require many thousands of pages — with prodigious footnoting and deep analysis of hundreds of scientific papers and journal articles.

This short blog series obviously cannot go into that depth. Instead, it will offer an overview — a 30,000 foot perspective — so that you and your loved ones can feel more in control.

Our next post will present a study, published in 2014, that should have woke up the statin establishment to its core… but didn’t.

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