Harmed by Defective Drugs? 24 Go-To Websites

Every day we put our trust in someone or something. We trust our car to start in the morning. We trust our best friend to be there to share our laughter and our tears. We trust our doctor to make a correct diagnosis. And we trust the drugs we take to make us better will actually do so.

But what do we do when those drugs fail us? Where do we turn when that which is supposed to help us harms us instead? Who do we go to for assistance?

The internet if full of websites with information on drugs, symptoms, reported problems and more. One such website is DrugWatcher.org. They complied a list of 24 websites to turn to if you’ve been affected by a dangerous drug. Davis & Crump is honored to be included on their list.

Here’s a brief introduction to their list:

Although the manufacturing of drugs is kept in surveillance by relevant government departments around the world, defective drugs are somehow being manufactured and sold. After use, the implications for a patient can be immense and difficult to fully understand.

Defective drugs can have devastating effects on people’s lives. To help people there are numerous sources online with information. We have made a list of 24 websites that anyone should take a look at, whether they just need general or background information or when they want to pursue legal action. Our list consists of government websites, NGO’s and law firms from around the country.

Erica Davies | Affected by Dangerous Drugs? Turn To These 24 Legal Websites

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