The damage done to you and your family by Lipitor side effects may not be reversible (or easily reversible). But you do not have to stand idly by and stay passive in the face of the events. Depending on circumstances, you may be able to take aggressive, effective legal action to obtain compensation and justice in your Lipitor case.Lipitor9

Whether you agree with skeptics of the “malevolent cholesterol hypothesis” or not, the facts are clear: the current approach to heart disease prevention and treatment is not working. The Swedish study from the January 2014 issue of The Journal of Negative Results in Medicine illustrates powerfully the sheer inadequacy of ubiquitously prescribed statin drugs to stop or staunch cardiovascular disease in the real world. Despite spending upwards of $29 billion per year on statin drugs, the world is still riven by heart disease at incredibly unaccepted levels.

Perhaps, as educated authorities like Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Ronald Krauss argue, it is time to abandon the one-size-fits-all low fat, high carbohydrate diet that has been imposed on the population for 30+ years. Perhaps new medical/pharmaceutical breakthroughs can help us win the day.

The first step is clear: ensure that drug manufacturers, like Pfizer, make reparations to victims of bad science and sneaky, arrogant marketing tactics. Untangling this Byzantine mess may take years, if not decades. However, the victims of the Lipitor debacle do not need to wait that long to obtain serious justice, get compensation for what has gone wrong and begin to heal.

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