Martin Crump appointed to Plaintiffs' Steering Committee for Bair Hugger Products Liability Litigation
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Martin Crump appointed to Plaintiffs' Steering Committee for Bair Hugger Products Liability Litigation

Gulfport, MS – March 1, 2016 – Martin Crump has been appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the Bair Hugger “Forced Air Warming” Products Liability Litigation by United States District Court Judge Joan Ericksen in Minnesota.

The Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee of an MDL (multi-district litigation) performs the day to day work to advance the litigation, and also makes decisions relative to the course and path of the litigation as a whole. As such, Crump will be given the opportunity to participate with other mass tort law firms from around the country to advance this important litigation.

“The significance of being appointed to a Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee is that the hundreds of clients that Davis & Crump P.C. represent in this litigation will have a voice through their counsel in the leadership structure,” said Crump.

“We are always cognizant of the fact that the work that we do in these leadership roles helps advance the litigation as a whole but–more significantly–this position allows us to fight for and advance the individual claims for the people that we represent.”

As in any MDL, plaintiffs will face significant challenges from the defendants, some of which have already been raised.

At the initial hearing, the defendants specifically requested that each case be accompanied by a statement from a doctor directly linking the Bair Hugger warming device to the specific infection suffered by a plaintiff.  This was discussed and argued by the proposed leadership structure, and thankfully was rejected by Judge Ericksen.

Said Crump, “Arguments such as these are the exact reason why the MDL and its plaintiffs’ leadership structure are important to all plaintiffs.

We do not take this responsibility lightly and will do everything in our power to advance not only the litigation as Appointa whole, but the interests of our individual clients.”