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Made by Pharmacia & Upjohn, Depo-Testosterone is a Low T treatment designed for men with hypogonadism (i.e. who cannot produce enough natural testosterone) to restore libido and energy levels and to manage other common side effects of hypogonadism.


General Information

Doctors administer the drug via injection using a formulation called testosterone cypionate. The drug uses similar biochemical mechanisms to the ones employed by most commonly prescribed testosterone gels and creams.

Side Effects

The side effects of depo-testosterone therapy can be pretty disturbing:

  • Therapy has been associated with myocardial infarctions, ischemic stroke and blood clotting;
  • Prolonged use of Depo-Testosterone has been linked with several disturbing conditions, such as adenomas in liver, kidney disease and prostate cancer.

Many patients (and doctors alike) probably assume that drugs, like Depo-Testosterone, are relatively interchangeable with other types of testosterone supplements, like AndroGel, Androderm, Fortesta, etc. However, even slight differences in the formulations of these drugs could have different effects in different patients.

The Rise of Depo-Testosterone in Context

Could the skyrocketing popularity of drugs like Depo-Testosterone have less to do with their efficacy and more to do with the fact that human beings are social animals inclined to follow trends? The TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) story is built on a vivid premise: men who have “lost their masculinity” can easily and simply take a drug (e.g. an injection) and instantly “feel more like a man” without serious long term side effects.

This story would be great, if it were true. For some men, it might be. But this assumption could also lead to serious unintended consequences, like spikes in rates of heart disease and stroke in men who take testosterone supplements.

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