Martin Crump selected for Viagra-Melanoma MDL

Federal Judge Appoints Martin Crump to Viagra-Melanoma MDL Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee

Martin Crump of Davis & Crump has been appointed by Judge Richard Seeborg to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the Viagra-Melanoma multi-district litigation (MDL) in San Francisco, California. The MDL alleges that Pfizer Inc., maker of Viagra, knew that the drug increased users’ risk of developing melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. All federal Viagra lawsuits across the entire country will be transferred to Judge Seeborg’s court.

Mr. Crump will serve a key role in guiding the litigation forward on behalf of all plaintiffs. “I am always cognizant of the fact that the work that we do in these leadership roles helps advance the litigation as a whole but–more significantly–this position allows us to fight for and advance the individual claims for the people that we represent,” said Crump.

Since its approval by the FDA in 1998, Viagra has been prescribed to 23 million men, according to Pfizer’s court filings. A 2014 study published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that men who used Viagra were 84 percent more likely to develop melanoma.

What Next?

If you or someone you know has used Viagra or Cialis and have been diagnosed with melanoma, have them contact Davis & Crump. Use the Free Claim Evaluation form below, call us at 800-277-0300, or email us at for more information.