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Testopel is another testosterone supplement made by Auxilium. Unlike similar TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) drugs, like Testem, AndroGel and Androderm, Testopel boasts a unique delivery mechanism. A doctor implants special pellets subcutaneously under the skin.

General Information

The implant procedure is quick — according to the manufacturer, it only takes 15 minutes. The pellets then slowly release testosterone over a period of 3 to 4 months (sometimes longer) to normalize hormonal levels in men with hypogonadism.

Pellet Delivery System

Per the manufacturer: “the pellets are smaller than the width of a dime, and the procedure is relatively quick and painless.” First, the physician cleans and numbs the insertion site. Then he or she makes a small incision into the skin. Following the subdermal implant, the doctor stitches up the incision.

This pellet delivery system can ensure a normalized dosage of the medication. It can also prevent situations in which a man who misses a dose or two “triple injects” or “triple applies” in the misguided hope of catching up on his medication. Not all patients follow the rules.

On the other hand, pellets present their own peculiar maintenance challenges and risks. For instance, an adverse reaction to the pellets may be tough to detect and fix. The system also presents challenges in terms of titrating the right dose.


The advent of systems like Testopel highlights just how booming the market for testosterone drugs has become. Manufacturers are fighting to find novel ways to market their products to attract new audiences. Marketing a drug as “the only under-the-skin testosterone pellet” allows drug makers to carve out a “sub-niche.” In other words, they probably hope to attract men who want testosterone therapy but who do not want to have to go through the hassle of applying a gel or cream ever day or getting injections.

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