At Davis & Crump we handle “whistleblower” cases, including False Claim Act litigation, throughout the United States. The term “whistleblower” refers to an individual who reports potentially illegal activity, effectively “blowing a whistle” to call attention to the behavior.


The False Claim Act allows individuals to sue a wrongdoer on behalf of the federal government in actions often referred to as “qui tam” actions. The term “qui tam” comes from the beginning of a Latin phrase which means, “who sues on behalf of the King, as well as for Himself.”

The whistleblower in a qui tam action is an individual who informs the government or other authorities of information that he or she believes constitutes a prohibited act. Some common forms of whistleblower claims include health care fraud, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud, or other types of fraud against the government.

Under current law, a qui tam whistleblower files suit against the alleged perpetrator of government fraud and is eligible for 25 to 30 percent of the total award that the government receives.


Whistleblower claims also arise in the context of employment litigation, when an employee reports the illegal conduct of an employer and the employer retaliates by firing, demoting, or otherwise discriminating against the whistleblower.

When an employer takes action against a whistleblower like this, the whistleblower has several remedies available under federal or state laws. Qui Tam laws protect the rights of employees and ex-employees. The whistleblower plaintiff may be able to recover back pay, interest, special damages for discriminatory treatment, attorneys’ fees and costs, and even reinstatement to his or her job.

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