Paragard, manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, is a hormone-free IUD birth control implanted into the uterus by your healthcare professional.  This IUD is made of soft plastic, with a thin layer of copper wire wrapped around the stem.  Paragard was designed to provide long-term birth control by continuously releasing copper into the uterine cavity while producing an inflammatory reaction.  Since approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1984 and placed on the market in 1988, an astounding number of claims have been reported.   According to the Paragard website, this IUD is over has a life span of 10 years.

An estimated 3.8 million women rely on IUD devices to prevent pregnancy.  When working properly, IUDs provide long term birth control. This does not mean, however, that the Paragard IUD will always be safe.  In some cases, part of the Paragard have broken off when removed by the doctor.  This can cause injury. 


Severe Uterine injuries while using Paragard IUD.

Paragard IUD



Injuries Reported during use/removal of Paragard:

  • breakage of the IUD

  • perforation of the uterus

  • migration of the IUD resulting in organ perforation and/or damage

  • copper wire remaining in body causing infection and/or inflammation

  • embedded IUD

  • temporary infertile, or in some cases permanently infertile

  • scarring

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • pelvic inflammatory disease , also known as PID


Have you suffered injuries from complications of a Paragard IUD?

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