Americans undergo nearly a half million knee replacements every year. In the next 20 years, knee replacements are expected to increase to nearly 3.5 million implants per year. The number of defective prosthetic joints implanted in people will also increase.

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As someone with a knee implant, you may be experiencing problems and wonder if the knee implant is defective and whether you have a legal claim. Or you may have seen some of the recent news stories about knee implant recalls or device failures and wonder how you may be affected.


Defective knee implants are a problem that is growing along with our aging baby boomer population. Whether caused by traumatic injury, osteoarthritis, or some other condition, thousands of people undergo knee replacement surgery or other joint replacement each year.

Many people enjoy a quick recovery and recapture some of the quality of life that their ailing joint has caused. Many however, are not as fortunate, and may suffer from pain, swelling, limitations on range of motion, or other symptoms. In some cases, the medical device implant may fail altogether due to a defect or negligence, requiring a revision, or replacement surgery.

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