The tragedy of a child injured at birth is heightened when the injury could have been prevented or was the result of taking a prescription medicine. Birth injuries may result from the negligence of a physician or medical provider during labor and delivery. When injuries happen due to medical malpractice, insurance and liability laws are in place to help families obtain vital compensation.

A large number of birth defects are caused by pharmaceutical drugs. While many drugs are safe during pregnancy, others pose grave dangers. Expecting mothers have faith that the drugs being prescribed for them are safe for their unborn child.

Often the warning about a dangerous or defective drug comes months or years after the initial link to birth injuries are discovered. Mothers who take certain drugs during pregnancy are unknowingly at an increased risk of giving birth to a child with serious birth defects.

Birth injuries can result in profound physical and developmental defects and, in the worst cases, death of a newborn. Our attorneys strive to compensate parents for the financial burden of caring for a child with special physical, medical or emotional needs, or the heartbreak of losing a child.


The birth injury lawyers at Davis & Crump investigate these cases throughout the United States. We help families bring lawsuits for children who were born with injuries resulting from dangerous drugs, pharmaceuticals, and medical malpractice. If you believe that your child’s birth injury was caused by a medication or drug that you took during pregnancy, or a doctor’s negligence, contact our firm immediately.

A birth injury lawyer at Davis & Crump will offer respected, powerful representation. We will review your claim at no cost and without any obligation. Your child and family may be entitled to significant compensation for the injuries and loss they suffer.


Davis & Crump handles individual birth defect claims in state and federal court and nationwide birth injury claims as part of the multi-district litigation claim process. We are here to protect the rights of your child and to see that justice is done for you and your family.

Many medications, including certain antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, dermatological drugs, anti-cancer drugs and asthma medications are known to cause birth defects. The following are examples of current birth defect cases being handled by our firm:

  • Depakote Birth Defects – Children who were born to mothers taking Depakote during pregnancy suffered severe birth injuries including spina bifida, genital malformations, cleft lip, cleft palate, limb growth birth defects, heart defects, facial dysmorphism, dysplastic ribs, hand malformations, skeletal defects, and fetal death. Depakote is prescribed for manic depressive disorder and as treatment for epilepsy, migraine headaches and certain symptoms associated with neuropathy.
  • Prescription Painkillers – Women who used opioid pain medications such as codeine and oxycodone just before they became pregnant, or in the first trimester of pregnancy, were shown to have increased risk of having a baby born with a serious injury including heart defects, spina bifida, fluid in the brain, glaucoma and gastroschisis (abdominal wall injury).
  • Birth defects caused by antidepressants – Referred to as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), these popular antidepressants include Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, Luvox and Celexa and have been linked to heart defects in newborns.
  • Topamax Birth Defects – Babies born to mothers taking the anticonvulsant drug Topamax during pregnancy had an increased risk of being born with birth injuries, especially cleft palate and genital birth defects.

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Eliminating preventable birth injuries involves people uniting in the fight for safer medications taken during pregnancy and demanding that healthcare professionals address medical situations properly. Davis & Crump joins forces with families across the country who have been tragically affected by birth injury.

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