Special Report for GranuFlo Injury Victims and their Families

Read the true story about a drug manufacturer (Fresenius) who knew their dialysis product (GranuFlo) was lethal and did nothing about it. When most people first learn about the allegations against Fresenius Medical Care, their reaction is disbelief.

How could the largest operator of dialysis centers in the United States push a product that causes heart attacks and sudden death in hundreds of patients?

This free PDF eBook reveals the disturbing story of the GranuFlo disaster. It is designed to help you if you or someone you love was injured or died from alkalosis or other dialysis side effects while on GranuFlo. Concerned citizens who want to know how to hold drug manufacturers – and the medical industry as a whole – accountable for negligence and carelessness will also benefit from this book.

Learn the facts surrounding these important questions regarding GranuFlo, Fresenius, and what is wrong with the medical products industry:

  • Fresenius knew that GranuFlo, a dialysis drug that made Fresenius several billion dollars a year, was likely killing hundreds of patients. Why did they not warn the public?
  • To win FDA’s approval of GranuFlo, did Fresenius purposely try to confuse the FDA?
  • Why did FDA officials fail to scrutinize Fresenius’s claims?
  • Was Fresenius the only dialysis company to engage in shoddy, lazy, negligent practices?
  • How did such massive breakdowns in communication about patient safety occur?
  • What has caused the increase in End-stage renal disease (ESRD)?
  • Has the dialysis industry minimized the costs of care to scoop out extra profits?

Fresenius Knew and Failed to Act.

The fact that Fresenius continually made such callous decisions reinforces the need for the protections provided by America’s civil justice system. Our legal system gives people the fair chance to receive justice when they are harmed by the negligence or misconduct of others – even when it means taking on the most powerful corporations.

When government regulations offer little more than a slap on the wrist and a fine, our legal system is needed more than ever to both expose such egregious behavior and prevent it in the future.

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