A Must-Read for Men Who have Suffered Injury Due to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you or another man in your life suffered a serious clot, stroke or heart attack while taking testosterone therapy (for “Low T”), this eBook can help you understand the legal actions being taken against pharmaceutical companies who manufacture testosterone products.

Did You Know:

Research has linked these “Low T” drugs with many serious side effects, such as pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attacks and deep vein thrombosis.

And yet, the Low T market is a booming, highly lucrative drug market, worth billions of dollars a year to manufacturers. Even though medical studies show that these drugs can lead to dangerous, even fatal health risks for certain men—the drug makers appear happy to ignore results that are financially and logistically inconvenient.

This eBook explains the testosterone crisis.

After reading the book, you will have a clear understanding of what is at stake. Among other things, the eBook will:

  • Help you understand the role testosterone plays in the body
  • Explain “low testosterone therapy” and explore these drugs from a scientific sense, as well as from a very human point of view
  • Demonstrate the damage from testosterone side effects
  • Explain the steps currently being taken to punish companies that have promoted dangerous testosterone products
  • Give you an overview of the state of testosterone lawsuits
  • Expose the main testosterone products, including AndroGel (the most popular Low T drug), Androderm, Axiron, Bio-T-Gel, Delatestryl, Depo-Testosterone, Fortesta, Striant, Testim and Testopel
  • Explore why men opt for this therapy in the first place: What is the root cause of the seeming epidemic of Low T? What can be done in the future to prevent similar legal and medical crises?

In addition to gaining new insight into the testosterone catastrophe, you will also have access to important resources that you can use to obtain compensation, clarity and peace of mind.

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