Contingent means to be “dependent on.” Our fees are contingent, or dependent on, whether we recover money in your case. We are paid only if the case is won. This type of fee is typically used in personal injury cases such as auto accident claims, defective drugs and defective medical device litigation, Social Security disability claims, workers’ compensation cases, nursing home neglect lawsuits, product liability claims, and other cases where substantial money is at stake.

In a contingency fee arrangement, we agree up front to accept a certain percentage of the recovered amount that we secure on behalf of our client. Our fee comes out of that amount of compensation.

For example, if we take your case to trial and win, and you recover money, we will take some percentage of that as our fee. On the other hand, if we try your case or pursue your case in any way and are unable to get compensation for you, we won’t take a fee—we will not charge you at all.

What that means is that you won’t pay us unless we obtain compensation for you. In some cases such as worker’s compensation and Social Security disability cases, the percentages are set by statute.

Contingency Fee Ensures Every Injured Person Can Afford a Lawyer

Many times, an injury victim may need to hire a lawyer, but they do not take that step because they do not think they can afford a lawyer. The truth is, at Davis & Crump you have a cost-effective way to finance a lawsuit and be represented by a nationally known team of personal injury lawyers. There are many cases we handle that even the very wealthy could not afford out of pocket.

Contingency fee arrangements are commonplace so that due process of law is available to anyone who has suffered an injury. Contingency-based fees ensure that every accident and injury victim has access to skilled, reputable and compassionate legal representation.

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