No lawyer can accurately calculate your case value at the initial consultation. A more accurate answer comes after many hours of investigation to uncover all of the components in the case. When you first speak with us, we will help you understand the factors that go into measuring the value of your claim, consistent with cases like yours, and based on the information we have at that point in time.

How is the value for a personal injury case determined?

Our attorneys will consider the extent of injuries sustained, the type of claim being filed, and examine many other factors relating to your specific case. The amount of financial compensation you receive should be commensurate with those losses you have sustained.

Some of the factors we will examine include:

  • Did the actions of someone else contribute to the accident or injury?
  • Did you in some way contribute to the accident or injury?
  • Is evidence available to prove your case?
  • What is the extent and nature of the injury?
  • Do medical reports state that your injury is permanent?
  • Are there witnesses, or is the testimony of witnesses available?
  • Will there be permanent disfigurement?
  • How severely will the injury affect you for the rest of your life?
  • What is the probability of pain or discomfort in the near future and later in life?
  • Do you have insurance covering this sort of injury or accident?
  • Does the party liable for your injuries have insurance; if so, how much and what kind?
  • What medical treatments do you need?
  • How much do the treatments cost?
  • How much income was lost during treatment and rehabilitation?
  • Are you disabled? Can you work and earn an income?
  • If you cannot work, when will you be able to return to work, if at all?
  • Will you have long-term medical bills?
  • What is a jury’s perception of you and the defendant?

We investigate all of these elements along with any other considerations that are revealed in the process of researching your case. Any estimate done otherwise could be off by thousands or millions of dollars without all of the facts. Many personal injury victims do not envision the extensive costs their injuries will incur, and drastically underestimate the value of their case.

How do you evaluate and settle a personal injury claim?

Only after the details of your case are known can an accurate settlement value be determined. The settlement value is a prediction of what a jury will decide your personal injury claim is worth. Often the value of a personal injury case will increase over time, as the true value of becomes defined.

The basis of negotiating a settlement of a personal injury claim is for both sides—the injured party and the defendant—to come to an agreement on the predicted jury decision. The settlement is that dollar amount. A settlement allows both sides to avoid the costs, time, effort and risk of filing a lawsuit. If agreement is not reached through settlement negotiations, then next step is often a lawsuit.

When You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Throughout the United States, the injured and the families of those who died through the negligence of others turn to Davis & Crump.

If you have suffered a serious injury or death of a family member, have your case reviewed at no cost by us today. There is nothing to risk and much to be gained by talking with us.