At Davis & Crump, we understand that each case begins with a personal story. Our first job is to listen and to focus on how we can serve your best interests from a legal standpoint.

What Makes Davis & Crump Different

We’re a law firm of real people, who have worked all our professional lives to help others. We’ve served in the military, we’re leaders in our communities, and are involved in our children’s schools. We have families just like you, and understand how an injury or the loss of a loved one impacts many lives. Our focus is to help you and your family recover from a devastating personal injury or death of a loved one.

Fairness Motivates Us

We understand the battles a person faces when they’ve been injured, lost a family member, or are out of money and are facing a large insurance company, hospital or corporation. Our lawyers have represented people in thousands of personal injury claims, dealing with almost every kind of injury that a person can suffer. We are aggressive and thorough in defending your rights, because we want to make sure that you will be treated fairly and respectfully.

Committed to Justice

The outcome of our cases can often go one step further and that is to protect others from harm by changing things for the better. No amount of money can fairly compensate death or serious injury, but making changes so others can avoid traumatic injuries in the future is a benefit for everyone.

No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

All cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means that we will only accept payment if we are successful in getting compensation for you or your family. Contact Davis & Crump today for help with your case.