Throughout the years, we have collected over 750 million dollars for our clients and their families. We know that providing high-quality legal representation means dedication to the goals of our clients and commitment to their financial and emotional well-being. Here are just some of the successful results and settlements we’ve obtained for our clients.

26 year old EMT from Texas who lost ability to work because of drug reaction.

Logging truck accident in Mississippi resulting in serious injuries to head and neck.

Nursing home resident in Virginia injured by defective drug.

Nursing home resident suffers severe dehydration and Stage IV pressures sores directly leading to her death.

Wrongful death judgment in a dram shop case against a tavern in Mississippi.

33 year old female Mississippi resident developed blood clot following use of birth control.

65 year old Texas woman injured by reaction to injected drug.

Workers’ compensation case involving a foot/ankle injury. Multiple surgeries required.

Volunteer at housing authority in North Carolina experienced difficulty walking after ingestion of defective drug.

Concrete piling falls from tractor trailer crushing the cab of truck injuring Louisiana client’s back and neck.

Female Florida resident developed cancer as a result of ingestion of defective drug.

California woman injured by defective drug.

Client undergoes heart surgery as a result of injury caused by defective product.

68 year old former cosmetologist from Florida with two children unable to work because of reaction to defective drug.

70 year old female resident of Idaho took drug which caused cancer.

Texas maritime claim involving captain of tow bow falls down open manhole on barge located at dock causing head injury and loss of motor skills.

Married and retired public works director from North Carolina suffered permanent injuries resulting in loss of mobility.

Premises liability claim involving young man delivering papers at work site struck by forklift. Surgery and permanent injuries suffered.

70 year old California resident took hormone therapy allegedly causing breast cancer.

Delaware resident had drug reaction resulting in leg amputation.

39 year old woman suffers lupus symptoms and connective tissue disorder as a result of defective medical device. Device had been removed from market.

72 year old Arizona resident injured by defective drug injected during a medical test.

Female 38 year old from Florida suffered pulmonary embolism following ingestion of defective birth control.

Elderly woman suffers below the knee amputation and dehydration while residing in nursing home resulting in her death.

48 year old Pennsylvania resident suffered adverse drug reaction.